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Call Center Campaigns


If you are call center, and are looking around for Campaigns to run at your center, and have not been able to find the right campaigns and the right client, it is high time, you check us out at.

We understand that centers need money to run their business, and hence we go out of the way.
Here we would like to also mention that our Live Transfer campaigns are the simplest campaigns, and are simpler than Survey campaigns even, since there is no information to be collected or forms to be filled. One has to just pre-qualify the consumer on the basis of 2 to 5 questions, and transfer him over. Because of the simplicity of the campaigns, you do not need any specific domain expertise, to run any campaign. Any agent who is Good in English, is Good for any of our campaigns.

When you start working with JPL, rest be assured that you will never be short of Campaigns. We have always got multiple campaigns on which we can get you started in Minutes, if any campaign, stops or is paused.

JPL International has been a premier call center training, consulting, and outsourcing project management company for 12 years. We take pride in selecting the best campaigns for our centers with the highest payouts for the offer. We have an excellent reputation with our campaigns, our clients and our centers. If you are seeking to fill up your seats, we can help you achieve that. We help you with agent selection, campaign set up, training and quality assurance. We do not charge you any fees for this added value service. The compensation below is 100% yours! Our clients prefer JPL to oversee their outsourcing projects therefore, they give us 100% control so they can do what they do best service their customers and allow us to do what we do best, set up and manage their campaign!!

Home improvement Appointment Setting

US Projects Posted on Thu, July 25, 2019 11:41:40

Home Improvement Campaign

Appointment Setting: paid

per appointment kept/demo-

Weekly/monthly pay

Via Bank Wire / PayPal

Tracked on Google Sheet with updates at end of business day


WASHINGTON, DC $290,000.00
BALTIMORE, MD $150,000.00
YORK $120,000.00
WILMINGTON $130,000.00
NORFOLK $100,000.00
NC (No fayetville) $115,000.00
DELAWARE $112,000.00
NOVA $220,000.00
PENNSYLVANIA $140,000.00

Our Products:

We are, primarily, a window, siding, and roofing company. While we will take leads for other products we provide, these 3 should be your primary focus! 80%+ of your leads should be for these 3 products.

We will give a confirmation code and guarantee pay for the following:

  • 3+ windows
  • Roofing 15+ years old
  • Siding replacement on at least 1 full side
  • Walk in tubs and showers
  • Attic insulation
  • Exterior doors other than storm doors
  • Gutters whole house
  • Trim whole house
  • Garage doors & Kitchen Countertops (in select markets) *ask manager*

Appointments we CAN’T run:

Metal roofs

2 or less windows

Siding less than 1 full side

Storm Doors

Gutter Guards

Partial Trim

Partial Gutters

Any appointment set without all decision makers present

Roofing under 15 years old unless there are major problems and the homeowner expresses a desire to replace during confirmation

Language barrier- if we feel they don’t understand what they are agreeing to due to a poor understanding of English.


b. Architectural

Ridge Vent system

1.  Staining/Streaking  

3. Curling


 3 types of windows

Original Windows

  1. Wood or Metal
  2. Found in 35yrs or older neighborhoods
  3. 1 lock
  4. Colonial Grids separates the panes
  5. Storm windows for protection
  6. Not insulated not energy efficient

Builder Grade Windows

  1. Aluminum or metal
  2. Found in sub division neighborhood
  3. Thin frames and screws around the frame 35yrs – 20 yrs
  4. Not insulated Not energy efficient
  5. Usually don’t see the locks

Replacement windows                

  1. Vinyl or wood
  2. Usually have 2 locks
  3. Can be found in any neighborhood
  4. Tinted or low e coded
  5. Double or triple paned
  6. Energy efficient


5 Types of siding

  1. Aluminum
  2. Asbestos
  3. Wood
  4. Vinyl builder grade
  5. Hardie plank

Aluminum siding                                      Asbestos Siding

 Hardie Plank siding                                 Builder Grade Vinyl siding


  1. Fascia
  2. Rake Boards
  3. Soffit
  4. Frieze Boards

Add-on Products

  • Garage Doors


    1. I just want to make sure that I have the correct address…. I have you at 123 Jumping Jack Street in Fairfax, VA 22030? Great is there a secondary phone number we can put on file for you?
      1. Make sure you are confirming the zip and asking questions like “is Jumping Jack 1 or 2 words”….
    1. “Perfect. Now you are the homeowner correct? Ok great, is there a co-owner, spouse, or do you live there with anyone else? Awesome, now today at 6pm, will that be the best time to sit down with you both?
      1. This is easily one of the most important parts of confirmation. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us if you need any recommendations on how to overcome the spouse objection
    1. “Ok great. So just to let you know we are going to take some measurements, show you some samples and provide you with a free estimate that is good for an entire year. The process typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on your questions. Sound good? “
    1. “Awesome! So we will do everything in our power to arrive at 6pm but we do ask for an hour window of arrival due to unforeseen traffic. Is that ok? Perfect so we will arrive between 6-7pm and once we arrive (again) the estimate will take about 45 minutes to an hour. Does that still works for you and your spouse?”
      1. Notice that you are reconfirming that we have 45 minutes to sit with any and all homeowners.
      1. We like to say things like “you know how bad traffic can be in this area….”Most people completely understand.
      1. Don’t lose a lead if they will only give us a 30-minute window or even want us there at 6pm sharp. Find out why and notate it or reschedule for a better time if they are short on time.
    1. “So if anything changes, can I give you a good call back number to reschedule? Do you have something to write with? Perfect, please call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx if anything comes up. If not, we look forward to seeing you and have a great day!!”


    1. “Just to clarify, you are looking for an estimate on what it would take to replace the windows in your home. Perfect, and how many windows are we looking at it” ***MUST BE 3 OR MORE OR FULL REPLACEMENT OF A BAY OR BOW WINDOW AND NO WOOD WINDOWS****
    1. “Just to clarify, you are looking for an estimate on what it would take to replace your entire roof. Perfect, so you aren’t looking for a repair? Awesome, do you know how old your roof is by chance? Ok, single family home or town home?” **cannot be METAL OR CEDAR ROOF!!
  3. SIDING:
    1. “Just to clarify, you are looking for an estimate on what it would take to replace the siding on the entire home? Single family home or town home? Perfect, do you know what kind of siding you have now (Aluminum, Vinyl…)?” ****MUST BE ALL SIDING ON THE HOME, NO PARTIAL SIDING!!!
  4. DOORS:
    1. “Just to clarify, you are looking for an estimate on what it would take to replace entire existing door with a brand new one. Ok, what type of door are we taking a look at.”***FRONT ENTRY, SLIDING GLASS, FRENCH DOORS, BACK ENTRY DOORS ARE ALL ACCEPTABLE AS LONG AS THEY ARE EXTERIOR DOORS***
    1. Just to clarify, you are looking for an estimate on what it would take to replace your existing tub or shower with a walk-in tub or shower. Perfect, now the tubs and showers we offer are manufactured with hydro therapy, safety bars and are typically meant for someone that needs a little extra help getting in and out, mainly for the elderly and handicapped, Is that what you are looking for? Ok great, so just to clarify this is not for a bathroom remodel, right?
    • “Just to clarify, you are looking for an estimate on what it would take to have more insulation added to your existing attic space? Do you know how much insulation you have now?”
    • “Just to clarify, you are looking for an estimate on what it would take to replace all of the gutters on your entire home including the downspouts. Would you be interested in an estimate on gutter guards as well?” ***MUST BE FULL REPLACEMENT ON ENTIRE SINGLE FAMILY HOME OR ADDING TO A HOME THAT DOESN’T CURRENTLY HAVE GUTTERS****


US Merchant Solutions

US Projects Posted on Sat, June 30, 2018 14:46:47

If your agents have experience selling merchant services then they will love and do well with what we offer because they won’t be selling anything. Think about this dear, everyday call

centers around the world call business owners and pitch we guarantee to lower your credit card processing rate which is really stupid because they don’t even know the rate these owners have so how can these agents guarantee that? We on the other hand DO NOT guarantee anything and all we want to do is give them a FREE, NO OBLIGATION merchant service analysis along with a side by side comparison to show these business owners how much they’re overpaying and how much they could be paying. So how difficult is it for a center to give away a free valuable service and get paid? Please take your time and review the info then let me know if you have any questions.

Comp Plan Effective June 1 st ,

2018 HOURS 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Mon – Fri

Saturday is Optional

** Each agent MUST meet a minimum quota of getting 10 merchant statements per week **

Quota Restarts Every Monday!


1 – 100 $30.00

101 – 150 $40.00

151 – 200 $50.00 Weekly

Bonus Plans

100 Statements – $200

150 Statements – $350

200 Statements – $5,000

US Reverse Mortgage

US Projects Posted on Sat, June 30, 2018 14:42:41

Reverse Mortgage Live Transfer

5min buffer time

minimum 100k property value

LTV- 50%

single family residence only or condominium if FHA approved

min credit score 620+

No Bankruptcy/
Foreclosure in last 4 years

must have a source of income

Age 62+…spouse also has to be 62+ whether she is on title or not

payout weekly

30$ for every successful lead

US Debt transfers

US Projects Posted on Tue, May 15, 2018 00:19:15


We are a 6 year old Debt Settlement Company based in Denver Colorado. We have A rating with BBB and ONLY Debt Settlement company that has been awarded A Gold Star from BBB for having ZERO complaints in 3 straight years.

We are looking for Call Centers across the globe, who can deliver Hot Transfers for Debt Settlement. (NO CONSULTANTS).

Call Centers with prior experience in debt settlement an added advantage.

Payouts : $25 per Successful Hot Transfer.

Minimum Debt Load : $15,000

Unsecured Debt ONLY

Acceptable Debts:

i. Credit Cards

ii. Personal Loans

iii. Department Store Cards

iv. Repossessed Car Loans

v. Closed Ended Loans (Such as a one time loan) vi. Pay Day Loans and Cash Call (Has to be under Collection) vii. Business Loans (Cannot be associated with SSN) viii. Utilities in collections and not at address

Unacceptable Debts:

i. IRS Income Taxes

ii. Auto Loans

iii. Mortgage Loans

iv. Home Equity Loans

v. Student Loans

vi. Accounts in legal proceedings

vii. Summons to court, bankruptcy, already hired a lawyer for bankruptcy viii. Utilities such as: phone, cell phone, electric, cable, gas, unless in collections.

ix. Medical Bills

Online portal to transfer customer information during the hot transfer.

Please contact us for further details.


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