Bad States: NC and NY

  • Pt needs a history of heart disease, irregular heartbeat or hypertentions
  • They must have a current primary care physician that they have seen in the last year and have not done a DNA test previously for heart problems
  • Insurance: MED B only

Form and transfer line will be provided. Built in eligibility checker in webform.

 Hours Of Operation 9am – 8pm EST.

$300 CPA – Payable once Lab deems billable – approvals time depends on dr writing script

$135 CPL – Doctor Approves and qualified – approvals time depends on dr writing script

This is a live transfer campaign and focuses on quality. If you send an excess of bad leads you will be cut from the campaign with no warning.

All webforms must be entered with Center code you are given, or it will not count towards your billables. All calls must be live transferred.

PERSONAL HISTORY OF JUST High Cholesterol or High Blood pressure are not accepted. Patient can have both High blood pressure and High Cholesterol or High blood pressure + 1 diagnosis or High Cholesterol + 1 diagnosis

Example criteria for Cardio Genetic Test for Providers:     

  1. Verify patient’s date of birth and full name.
  • Explain to the patient the reason for the call.  They have an interest in finding out if there are genetic causes for either of the types of diseases, we are calling about cardiac genetic testing. 
  • Start by asking a general question of “Has anyone in your family including yourself ever had a heart attack, open heart or bypass surgery, have a heart that beats too slow or too fast or just irregularly, or has anyone been born with a defect in their heart and finally does anyone have HTN or high cholesterol. 
  • Once they start answering and have said no not really you can start inquiring a little more by asking if their mom or dad had any of these things and kind of go through the list.
  • Then you can ask if their siblings have any of these things and go through the list again.
  • Then you can ask about grand-parents, nieces, and nephews as well so they start thinking of these people individually and this triggers their memory to remember what they may not have remembered with the more general questions.