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Pay Per Call Lead Generation


If you are call center, and are looking around for Campaigns to run at your center, and have not been able to find the right campaigns and the right client, it is high time, you check us out at.

We understand that centers need money to run their business, and hence we go out of the way.
Here we would like to also mention that our Live Transfer campaigns are the simplest campaigns, and are simpler than Survey campaigns even, since there is no information to be collected or forms to be filled. One has to just pre-qualify the consumer on the basis of 2 to 5 questions, and transfer him over. Because of the simplicity of the campaigns, you do not need any specific domain expertise, to run any campaign. Any agent who is Good in English, is Good for any of our campaigns.

When you start working with JPL, rest be assured that you will never be short of Campaigns. We have always got multiple campaigns on which we can get you started in Minutes, if any campaign, stops or is paused.

JPL International has been a premier call center training, consulting, and outsourcing project management company for 12 years. We take pride in selecting the best campaigns for our centers with the highest payouts for the offer. We have an excellent reputation with our campaigns, our clients and our centers. If you are seeking to fill up your seats, we can help you achieve that. We help you with agent selection, campaign set up, training and quality assurance. We do not charge you any fees for this added value service. The compensation below is 100% yours! Our clients prefer JPL to oversee their outsourcing projects therefore, they give us 100% control so they can do what they do best service their customers and allow us to do what we do best, set up and manage their campaign!!

Auto Insurance Live Transfer

US Projects Posted on Wed, November 03, 2021 11:54

Name: Auto Insurance
Target Callers From: All US
Publisher Payout: $13.00 per call if in_region and during_hours and connect_duration > 3 min
Must have Jornaya Lead ID or trusted form and script must be preapproved

Health U65 CPL LT

US Projects Posted on Wed, November 03, 2021 11:21

Health U65 CPL LT – $20| 120 sec| Net 0| NO DDV
Same Week payout on Fridays – No 1-week hold!

Seeking 3 HIGH VOLUME producing experienced Call Centers ( No Indian teams accepted) to work directly and paid by US Publisher/Client.

300 cap daily needed,

We are Looking for ultimately, a PROVEN team that can transfer over 50 per day on a long-term basis, if you can do so please review the details!

Contact me for further details!