If your agents have experience selling merchant services then they will love and do well with what we offer because they won’t be selling anything. Think about this dear, everyday call

centers around the world call business owners and pitch we guarantee to lower your credit card processing rate which is really stupid because they don’t even know the rate these owners have so how can these agents guarantee that? We on the other hand DO NOT guarantee anything and all we want to do is give them a FREE, NO OBLIGATION merchant service analysis along with a side by side comparison to show these business owners how much they’re overpaying and how much they could be paying. So how difficult is it for a center to give away a free valuable service and get paid? Please take your time and review the info then let me know if you have any questions.

Comp Plan Effective June 1 st ,

2018 HOURS 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Mon – Fri

Saturday is Optional

** Each agent MUST meet a minimum quota of getting 10 merchant statements per week **

Quota Restarts Every Monday!


1 – 100 $30.00

101 – 150 $40.00

151 – 200 $50.00 Weekly

Bonus Plans

100 Statements – $200

150 Statements – $350

200 Statements – $5,000