We are a 6 year old Debt Settlement Company based in Denver Colorado. We have A rating with BBB and ONLY Debt Settlement company that has been awarded A Gold Star from BBB for having ZERO complaints in 3 straight years.

We are looking for Call Centers across the globe, who can deliver Hot Transfers for Debt Settlement. (NO CONSULTANTS).

Call Centers with prior experience in debt settlement an added advantage.

Payouts : $25 per Successful Hot Transfer.

Minimum Debt Load : $15,000

Unsecured Debt ONLY

Acceptable Debts:

i. Credit Cards

ii. Personal Loans

iii. Department Store Cards

iv. Repossessed Car Loans

v. Closed Ended Loans (Such as a one time loan) vi. Pay Day Loans and Cash Call (Has to be under Collection) vii. Business Loans (Cannot be associated with SSN) viii. Utilities in collections and not at address

Unacceptable Debts:

i. IRS Income Taxes

ii. Auto Loans

iii. Mortgage Loans

iv. Home Equity Loans

v. Student Loans

vi. Accounts in legal proceedings

vii. Summons to court, bankruptcy, already hired a lawyer for bankruptcy viii. Utilities such as: phone, cell phone, electric, cable, gas, unless in collections.

ix. Medical Bills

Online portal to transfer customer information during the hot transfer.

Please contact us for further details.