Only for centers with past and proven experience in UK Debt Management / Elimination campaigns.

UK program top spot in the market of today.

· No Leads, No Dialer no VoIP provided.

· Payouts £40.00 per accepted lead that meets criteria from client (Debt Elimination)

· Payment terms, weekly by wire only.

· Monday – Friday 11:00 – 20:30 & Saturday from 10:00 – 15:00 BST

· Min 10 agents to start.

· Training material very limit due to your past experience with is a MUST to have.

· CRM tracking provided that will be updated after client talked to Debt Specialist.

· Calling Teritory: All of UK + Scotland.

· Hot Key Transfer to UK Debt care Center.

· No skype dialing.

· Data vendore availabe from the UK, center is allowed to use own data as well.

· Loan decline data is required for success.

Script provided,with guidelines.

Client Journey

  • Your center will get the client on the phone
  • Discuss what debts they have outstanding and how much they are paying
  • Take details of their income
  • Update client details on link we will provide
  • Pass client to us/
  • Then our Advisor will take the call
  • We will update the portal with the outcome of the call.