Type: post and recordings

Description: Home Improvement

Ordered: 5-20 per day
to start

Cost per Unit: $8 per lead

Distribution: post

Payment Terms: weekly
net 7

Home improvements Script

Hello, my name
is ___calling from California Home Builders how are you today ?

by chance am I
speaking with the homeowner?

Great, I’m calling you today
to let you know that your house got selected for free no obligation pricing
estimate on your home improvements ,

Right now we are offering up to a 20% discount on
many jobs including windows, roofing and siding, and even kitchen and bath

So tell me, what
have you been thinking about doing for your home either now or in the near
future that we could take a look at for you?

windows, roofing
and siding, and even kitchen and bath remodeling??

So how soon
are you planning to get your Home Improvements work done?

Are you Ready
to start the work now? Or within 1 to 3 Months from now??

I just want to confirm its single family regular
house right ?

Is your budget over $3,000?

We are happy to send our
project manager directly to your home but please understand that we would need
a minimum of about 1 hour of your time to sit down with you & understand
your project goals, take measurements & provide you with an accurate
estimate. Will you have 60 minutes to set aside for our Free Consultation with
our Project Manager? (must be Yes )

Our Project Manager Will
Give you call back or visit you in next few days to set appointment and give
you a free estimate of your home improvements okay ?

Thank you for your time and have a good evening/day.