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Lead qualifies if the Consumer stays on the line for more than 120 Seconds, once connected.

Payout – $25,00 per successful and qualified transfer.


Hi this is ___ calling from Home Protection. How are you today? (Wait for answer and respond accordingly.) We are looking for an advertising home in your area. Would you be interested in receiving a free state-of-the-art 100% wireless home security system in exchange for putting a small sign in your yard?

If they ask how much it will be per month:

That’s a great question for the specialist. Basically I’m just supposed to take a few minutes to find people who want to speak to the specialist about the promotion and they can answer any questions you may have… ok? (Wait for answer and respond accordingly.)

My job is just to make sure you’re interested in learning more and you can decide if this is a good fit for you and your family.

I just need to verify that you do own the home you’re living in. Is that correct?

Do you currently have a home security system that is under contract for monitoring?

And do you have credit over 625? (must answer yes)

The system normally costs $850 but since you’re willing to put a small sign in your yard we’ll give you the system at no charge. Now in some areas there may be a one-time installation fee of $99, but the specialist will go over that with you.

A couple of the added benefits of having the system is that your home owner’s insurance will give you a discount of up to 20% off. And you can also control your system with your smartphone or tablet.

Can I have you say and spell out your first and last name for me just so the specialist knows who they will be talking with?

Can I also get your zip code to see if your area qualifies for the promotion?

Great. Thank you for that information. I hope you can enjoy the peace of mind and benefits of the latest home security system in your home. Let me go ahead and transfer you to a verification specialist that will just confirm your information, and then they will connect you to a security specialist? (Wait for answer and respond accordingly.)

If yes: Thank you one moment.

(Post leads info to get LEAD ID to read off on handoff)

Transfer script:

(SR AGENT: Thank you for calling, this is ____________.)

Hi, I have lead ID________ on the phone.

(SR AGENT: “Great, I can take it from here, please transfer when ready”.)

(Wait for SR agent to start talking with lead to confirm lead is still on line.)

NO NEED to say I’m great thanks for asking if they say How are you? It’s just redundant and wastes time. It’s NOT a normal American culture statement.