To call UK consumer and make them interest to get no obligation quote.

Lead Criteria

  • Willing to receive 4 free no obligation quotes ..customer is under no obligation to install panels if he does not like quotes;
  • Customer should not be pensioner;
  • Should have min 3000 pounds if he wants to install panels;
  • Customer should be very clear that quotes are free but panels will cost;
  • no duplicate leads;
  • no out of area leads will be entertained; zip code list provided.

Payout :Please contact info@jhagvi.com or Skype-jpl.international

Payment Cycle: All leads valid from 1- 15 invoiced on 16th payable by 31st


Hello my name is ……….

I am calling from on behalf of a Solar ________ ; we are specialists in matching you with local vetted contractors for free no obligation quotations.

Did you know even in the UK Solar Panels can save you thousands on your electricity bills and you’ll receive a guaranteed government backed incentive of up to £11,000? To see if your home is suitable I’m just going to confirm a few details:

· Would the best person to contact be you? Can I confirm your name?

· Can you confirm where you would like to have the conservatory installed?

o Confirm FULL address including Town.

o Confirm post code

· Can I confirm your landlines number:

· Do you have a mobile number we could contact you on as well?

· Are you the homeowner of the property? (YES only)

· Is your roof obstructed by, Windows and Doormas or Overshadowed by trees (Must be NO Obstructions)

· Is it a Flat or Pitched roof (PITCHED only)

· Is this property within a conservation area? (Only accept NO)

· What is the direction of the roof?(South, South-West, South-East, East, West)

· Do you have more than 10sq m of roof space? (YES Only)

· Would the installation of the system be within the next 6 months? (YES only).

· Who is you gas and electricity provider?

· We will look to find you the best prices to have Solar Panels installed, before proceeding do you have funds of over £3,000 available to have Solar Panels installed (YES only)

I will match your details to up to 4 vetted contractors from our data base, they will contact you to arrange an appointment, where they will be able go through the exact design with you, and provide your free, no obligation quote. The contractors are fully aware that they are quoting against one another and this will make the quotation very competitive.

I will confirm the contractors contact details in an email to your email address. Please can you confirm your email address?

That’s great.


  • Predictive Dialer
  • Hi to Bye Recording
  • At least 6 month experience agent
  • Minimum 10 agent to start

Signup Process

  • Step One- Agent screening – Please must have the agent read the attached script couple of time before agent screening.
  • Step two-After agent approval agreement will sent.
  • Step three- Upon receiving signed agreement complete training kit will be provided.
  • Step Four- Q A session which will be held after two days of providing training material.
  • Step Five- After Q A session complete team will be giving mocks.
  • Step six Go live

Next Step

Please send detail about your company (Company Profile) to info@jhagvi.com