We are very excited to announce that our company have opened lines of business for more call centers in offshore market. We are now able to hire more call centers on performance basis for our successful US Home Security Sales process. Here are the details of the process:

Process outline

Absolutely simple sale of a Home security system where the customer gets a $1500 System for free. The customer doesn’t even have to pay for installation of the device. Our technician will go to customers house and install it for free.

Process flow:

1. Call center rep makes contact with homeowner in the approved area.
2. Call center rep will sell and then gather customer information.
3. Each customer account information will be emailed to our back office.
4. The call center will inform the customer that the back office will call back with 24 hours to secure an installation time.
5. Once the install in completed and the account is active, all commissions will be paid in 2 weeks.

After a successful install, call center makes $450 to $1250 per sale depending upon various factors.

Interested centers may contact us, to get started email info@jhagvi.com with company profile.