UK Payday Loans is an innovative consumer finance company that offers same day payday loans and connects borrowers across the UK with payday loans starting from £50 – £700 for 15 days to 12 months.

What differentiates US from other lenders is that they let their customer decide when and how they want to repay the loan. Our Payday Loans is driven by giving borrowers options not only when it comes to the cash that they can borrow but also the repayments. Clients can pay back the loan in up to 5 installments which is ideal for borrowers looking for flexibility.

As an example for rates.

Borrow £300.00 for 65 days. Repay in 3 payments, first payment in 4 days.

Each payment: £136,51. Total repayment: £409,54. Interest: £109,54.

Interest p.a: 292,25% (fixed), interest per day 0,8%. Representative APR 574,86%.

Criteria below:

• Each customer must earn at least £600 in net salary
• Have a valid UK bank account to accept the loan via direct debit
• Be a permanent UK resident
• Be at least 18 years old

Payout: £2-£40

Terms: Monthly Net 30


This is ___________ calling from Pay Day UK. How are you doing/ feeling today? (According to the response answer) •

The reason for my call is to inform that Payday UK wanted to show you an option of loans from £80-£750…….

• Why I am calling you is to help you out with a loan from £80-£750……………….

• I wanted to check up on the letter we sent you in a blue envelope on the address ________________ that stated we would show you options on loans from £80-£750……………….. I wanted to ask you that how much loan Payday UK can provide you with. The process is as simple as it gets and it wont take more than minutes in filling up the form.

And apart from providing you with a loan we help you rebuild your credit. So how much loan should we provide you?

Rebuild your credit

We work with credit reference agencies. As soon as you repay your loan on your payday, we will report that to the credit reference agency, so that they will know that you have repaid your loan. This will help to rebuild your credit rating, as the credit referencing agency can see that you have repaid a loan. We will report this every time you take out a loan and repay it to us. As you gradually improve your credit rating, you will find that you may be able to borrow larger amounts from us and apply for other financial products that you may have been refused for in the past.