We have 15 dedicated Car Finance Lenders on our panel and a dedicated adviser on hand to guide the customer through the car buying journey.

Our program offers a very competitive commission rate.

– Commission is £3 per application.

Payment terms: Net 30

– Use our Script to drive quality traffic to our landing page to capture applications.

Sample script, you can change it up as needed.

Hi, this is ______from the Auto loans network. How are you today? Your recent interest for an auto loan has been received and we wanted to follow up. Do I have your permission to continue on about getting you the auto loan quote? Answer must be “YES”

Are you are looking to buy a new car or a used car?

And how much amount are you looking to borrow?

Continue to fill out the auto finance online web form.

I will just need to confirm some information: The number I have reached is ______correct?

Your First Name is______. Your Last Name is: ______

Your email address is______.

Your address is: ______, City is: ______, County is: ______& Post code is: ______. Correct?

About how much do you make per month? ______

Do you rent or own you home?

How much is you monthly rent?

How long have you live at your current home? ______ (Years), ______ (Months)

Have you ever filed for a bankruptcy before? (0 for Yes, 1 for No

What is you date of birth? MM/DD/YYYY ______/______/______

What is the name of you company? ______ (if self employed get the name of the business)

What is your job title? (Occupation)

How long have you been with this company? ______ (Years), ______ (Months)

What is your work phone number? ______- ______- ______ (Or any other alternate #)

Marital Status………………….

Driving Licence Type————————————

To provide you the best deals in market do we have the permission to run credit check Right?( With clear word YES)

So what is the best time for the Dealership to contact you?

So Thanks for your time sir/madam, my auto loan specialist will let you know each and every thing about the auto loan in next 24 to 48 hours.. Thanks, you have great Day.

Must be a UK citizen

If you have any questions regarding the UK Auto Loan program, please feel free to contact me on the details below: