US Solar Call Verified
Leads Generation Process

Campaign Specifications

Campaign Name: Solar Leads

Campaign Type: post/ call Verified

Net Cost per Lea: $18per
approved lead

Distribution: post

Terms must be qualified
lead, recordings must be according to script.

Payment Terms: bi-weekly
net 15


Hi this is
(agents name) calling from Solar. How are you today?

It appears you may be eligible for a new, no money out-of -pocket Solar
Energy program. This is a government subsidized program allowing homeowners to
save thousands on their electric bills every year, and there is no up-front
cost. I just have a few brief questions to verify if you qualify, and this call
may be recorded for training purposes.

2. Great, this is a single family residence, correct? (Yes to continue)

4. And how much is your average Electric bill? …………………………………..

(Must be a minimum of $100)

5. Ok almost complete here, are you currently receiving any discounts or
subsidies from your current electric provider?

(No to continue)

6. Considering that there are no up-front costs AND BIG Tax Incentives,
Would you ever consider looking into Green Energy options LIKE SOLAR as a
Responsible way to significantly reduce your electricity costs and increase your Home value?

(Yes to continue)

7. Very good! This Solar Energy Program has a no-out-of pocket cost
option to those with good credit. Do you have any idea what your credit score

(has to be over 650 if they know the number)

8. (if they don’t know their exact score, then ask this) Would you
consider your credit to be poor, fair, good, or excellent?

(“excellent” or “good” if they do not know the precise
number, only the 1st answer counts, so you can’t ask again if they
give a poor or fair answer)

8. Solar certainly works best when your home gets good sun exposure; Does
the roof of your house have “full sun” throughout the day?

(Yes to continue)

Fantastic, you appear to be a GREAT Candidate for these SOLAR Energy
programs, I would just like to confirm some of your information so I can have a
Solar consultant call you back to schedule an appointment to take a look at
your house to let you know, how much you can save

Ok, I just need to verify some of your

Your first & Last Name

Verify Physical Address (NO P.O. BOX Addresses

Verify email (If any)

Confirm Phone number (10 Digit
Phone Number)

Cell Phone Number

What is the best time to call
you back

  • Morning:9PM-12PM
  • Afternoon:12PM-5PM
  • Evening:5PM-9PM

(not needed for Solar)

Thank you for
your time, today is (month, day) and one of our Advisor will contact you within
the next few days to discuss further.

Have a great

Close: Thank you for your time and have a good evening/day.

Interested Centres, may call us for further discussion. Our contact details are below.

Please do not write in, asking for details, since all details are already given above.

10 Rushcliffe Rise,



United Kingdom

PH: +44 203 239 9954