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Hello ______________, I’m calling from the Debt Free Network and I understand you have an interest in reducing your debt!
Would you like to hear about a program offered by a professional debt arbitration company that can help reduce a portion of your debt balance and get you out of debt sooner?
Pause – If YES then *1.

Do you have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt and more than one credit card? (Y/N) Types of Debt – Eligible types of Unsecured Debt Include:

Are you employed or receive consistent income every month? (Unemployment benefits DO NOT qualify,customer must be employed or have a steady income) (Y/N)
Can you afford to make monthly payments of at least 2% of your total debt principal in order to reduce your debt amount by up to 30% – 40%? (Y/N)
Are you currently in or filed for bankruptcy before? (Y/N)

Have you ever made any late payments or are you close to or over your credit limit on your
credit cards now? If so, how many days behind are you (i.e. 30, 60, 90, etc.)?
– – – – – – –
Credit Card Debt Department Store Cards Retail Store Cards Unsecured Personal Loans Auto Loans (Repossessions) Auto Leases (Repossessions) Unsecured Business Debts and more.
Non-Eligible Types of Debt include: – Student Loans – IRS T ax Debt – Mortgage Debt
– Car Payments – Secured Loans

(NO to question #4, YES to all other questions – Proceed with full application details and arrange Transfer)

Based on our survey, you are pre-qualified for a free; no obligation analysis to help settle and eliminate portions of your debt balances, providing you the opportunity to get out of debt sooner
Please hold the line while I connect you to a representative who can further explain the program and all the many benefits. Thanks and have a great day!
(Transfer call to receiving agent)

hello im calling from World Debt Center and I have a client online for you . THEN proceed to give ALL the info

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