JPL International has been a premier call center training, consulting, and outsourcing project management company for 12 years. We take pride in selecting the best campaigns for our centers with the highest payouts for the offer. We have an excellent reputation with our campaigns, our clients and our centers. If you are seeking to fill up your seats, we can help you achieve that. We help you with agent selection, campaign set up, training and quality assurance. We do not charge you any fees for this added value service. The compensation below is 100% yours! Our clients prefer JPL to oversee their outsourcing projects therefore, they give us 100% control so they can do what they do best service their customers and allow us to do what we do best, set up and manage their campaign!!

We offer TWO Telco campaigns for you to choose from:

Campaign 1: Call Save USA
Client has a white paper wholesale carrier agreement with a major facilities based C-LEC. This is the traditional CLEC offer of the past 20 years in that the customer does not leave the Verizon Network; their calls are still switched and terminated by Verizon. Client becomes their new wholesale carrier and pass on these wholesale discounted rates to the end user by billing them and performing the first tier of customer service. Customers would call Client if they have any problems with their service or any questions about their bill. Client charges the customers $34.99 per telephone line and provides them with unlimited Local and Long Distance calling – (does not include International calling).
Center Compensation: $15 per telephone line. Average sale is 2.5 lines per sale. This equates to on average $40.00 per sale. For example: If center sells 100 sales a week = $4,000.00 per week or $17,200 per month (4.3 weeks) depending on how many agents assigned this number can be astronomical! This campaign has a recorded TPV requirement provided by the client.

Campaign 2: Time Warner
Time Warner is a national brand and is recognized by the end user. Client provides leads that are nationwide including Hawaii. The end user pays $24.99 per line, which includes the Telephone Service, Local and Long Distance. The $24.99 cost per line is 35% to as high as 50% less than the end user would pay to their telephone company.
Center Compensation: $100 per sale. This campaign has an electronic signature authorization requirement for it to be a complete sale.

You may chose one or both campaigns.

Requirements: –
You must have Telco or similar experience
– A minimum of 10 assigned agents (no exceptions)
– You must have recording capabilities
– And…. be able to transfer to an automated TPV (campaign 1) or get an electronic signature (campaign 2).

If you meet these requirements and have good talent, you will do exceptionally well with either campaign. Average sale is 2.5 lines per end user.

Please contact me by email only info@jhagvi.com (no phone calls no exceptions). Once we have pre approved your center we can interface through Skype.